Jurnal Penegakan Hukum Indonesia: Announcements 2023-12-16T03:37:23+00:00 Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Journal Title : </strong>Jurnal Penegakan Hukum Indonesia</p> <p><strong>ISSN : </strong>2746-7406 (Online) - 2746-7406 (Print)</p> <p><strong>Publisher : </strong>Scholar Center, PT. BDProject</p> <p><strong>Editorial Office: </strong>Jl. Brigjen Hasan Basri Komp. Polsek Banjarmasin Utara Jalur 3 No.135, Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia (70125)</p> <p><strong>Indexed: </strong><strong style="background-color: #ffffff;"><a style="background-color: #ffffff;" href="">Index Copernicus International: World of Journals, </a></strong><strong style="background-color: #ffffff;"><a style="background-color: #ffffff;" href="">Garuda: Garba Rujukan Digital, </a></strong><strong style="background-color: #ffffff;"><a style="background-color: #ffffff;" href="">Publons, </a></strong><strong style="background-color: #ffffff;"><a style="background-color: #ffffff;" href=";searchTerm=Jurnal%20Penegakan%20Hukum%20Indonesia&amp;start=1&amp;count=10&amp;libTypeNum=0&amp;sortBy=rel">OCLC WorldCat, </a></strong><strong style="background-color: #ffffff;"><a style="background-color: #ffffff;" href="">Indonesia One Search (IOS), </a></strong><strong style="background-color: #ffffff;"><a style="background-color: #ffffff;" href=";hl=id&amp;authuser=6">Google Scholar, </a></strong><a style="background-color: #ffffff;" href=""><strong>ROAD: Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources</strong></a></p> <p><strong>Jurnal Penegakan Hukum Indonesia (JPHI) (E-ISSN: 2746-7406)</strong> is a Double-Blind Review Scientific Journal first launched in 2020 by Scholar Center under the administration of PT. Borneo Development Project. <strong>JPHI</strong> publishes three times a year in February, June, and October provides open access publication to support the exchange of global knowledge. The submission shall follow the blind peer-reviewed policy which aims to publish new work of the highest caliber across the full range of legal scholarship. All papers submitted to this journal should be written either in English or Indonesian. Principally, the journal's editorial policy is to favor contributions that will be of interest to a wide cross-section of its readership - contributions that, if specialized, nevertheless serve to bring out matters of broader interest or importance within their specialization.</p> ARTICLE RETRACTION ANNOUNCEMENT 2023-12-16T03:37:23+00:00 Jurnal Penegakan Hukum Indonesia 2023-12-16T03:37:23+00:00 Call for Papers - Symposium 2022 2022-07-20T08:13:10+00:00 Jurnal Penegakan Hukum Indonesia <p><a href=""><img src="" alt="CALL-FOR-PAPER-JPHI-R" border="0"></a></p> 2022-07-20T08:13:10+00:00